SurgView - Medical software features

DICOM: Imaging Data Visualization

Experience the unparalleled precision of real patient DICOM image visualization

DICOM Image Measurement tool and DICOM Annotation

Anonymizing Patient DICOMs for Enhanced Privacy

Access multi-modality DICOM data

Flexible Image Viewing Options: zoom-in, zoom-out, scroll, rotate and adjust image brightness, contrast levels

Multi-plane DICOM Imaging Views & 3D Interactive Models

Precision of real patient DICOM image visualization

Life function control

Replicate Patient's Physiology with the simulator


Pulsating Blood Flow


Fluorescence Mode with Software


Blood volume indicator


Blood Pressure Control and physiology

Microsurgical & Clinical Workflow

Surgical Taskbar for Dynamic Simulations

Surgery Mastery from Easy to Complex

Multiple Head Positioning Methods with Visual Guides

No Duty Hour Worries, Pause and Resume Training

Live performance tracking with intuitive graphical views

Simulated Session Summaries

Tailored Mentor Assessment for Each Simulation

Implant Visualization

Implant evaluation alongside lesion

Personalize implant settings for recommending

Implant geometry insights

Multi-dimensional implant display

Diverse implant views (open/Closed)


Experience the powerful Technology

Explore Important

Dive into the world of Health Tech

Surgeon Maintenance Tool

Troubleshooting Enabled

Effortless Capsule Fluid Reduction

Teaching Aids

Proven Track record of Simulation Training with globally recognizable CME credits

Project Simulation View Across 3 (4K) Displays

Customizable interface

Language, Widgets, Preferences

Integrate State-of-the-art advanced Microscope and access training videos in the simulator

Masterful Remote Mentoring via Integrated API

Cloud and data security

Individual user accounts with structuralized data storage

Robust Data Warehouse: Strong Encryption & Anonymization

Realtime system data logging

Seamless data transfer with streamlined APIs

Secured wireless and wired internet/ethernet connectivity

OTA system upgrade: Automated upto date software upgrade and
access ever new features


Patient Specific Data Set