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SurgTrain™ Simulator (a signature product of SurgeonsLab AG) is a dedicated stand-alone autonomous Neurosurgical simulator that allows Neurosurgeons to upskill themselves by training in a realistic environment without involving patients and animals.

Simulator Suitable For

Simulator in Action

Hands-on Realistic Simulation Training

Realistic Training


Real haptics


Tactile feedback

True scale patient anatomy

Models are accurately replicated from actual patients
radiology images

Simulation Models

An unparalleled training experience (Physical Flow models + Virtual Simulation Exercises Integrated)

A precise multimodal position sensing system allows surgeons to train with authentic surgical instruments in simulations, free from cables and computer peripherals.

The system automatically detects and enables the interchangeability of instruments like micro scissors, dissectors, and forceps throughout the simulation.

Training with Real Surgical Instruments

Predictive Simulation

Replicates complete microsurgical clinical process Intelligent consumable and Disposable control.


Software Features

SurgeonsLab's revolutionary software offers tailored virtual patients, real-time analytics, and automated skill tracking for unparalleled surgical training precision. Immerse yourself in a 4D learning environment mirroring the operating room.


Ergonomic Platform

Portable and can be placed anywhere with power and internet source.

Mixed reality and Virtual reality

Receive tailored 3D-printed complete training model with Mixed-reality training preparation on the simulator.

Thus, Surgeons can use our technology in both pre-operative and intraoperative settings to achieve safe surgical outcomes.

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State-of-Art Simulators and Model Comparison

Special Features In-Vivo Models In-Vitro Models And Toy models Virtual Reality Simulators SurgeonsLab Mixed Reality Simulators
check Haptics check Limited cancel check
check Tactility check Limited cancel check
check Patient-Specific Case in Short Span cancel cancel Limited check
check Simultaneous use in CT/DSA, MRI as real-life check Limited Limited check
check Presence of Dynamic Fluid Limited Limited check check
check Pulsatility Limited Limited check check
check Real-Life Simulation check check check check
check Micro interventional Workflow Simulation check check Limited check
check True Scale Replica (1:1) Geometrical Representation check check check check
checkUse of Real Instruments Limited check Limited check
check Quantify Performance Measurement-Track Learning Curve check check check check

State-of-Art Simulators and Model Comparision

Lecture and Demonstration Workshop/ Periodical Hands-on Experience Residency Program / Frequent Training Pre-Interventional Training
In-Vivo Models check Limited cancel cancel
In-Vitro Models And Toy models check Limited Limited cancel
Virtual Reality Simulators cancel cancel check cancel
SurgeonsLab Mixed Reality Simulators check check check check


The simulator is very realistic. You have the same sitting position and instruments, watching well through the microscope. For cerebrovascular neurosurgeons wanting to train and become cerebrovascular neurosurgeons, this is the right simulator to train.

Prof. Andreas Raabe
Chief and Director of Surgery, Switzerland

4D Simulator has excellent potential to contribute significantly to neurosurgical training, case preparation, and patient safety in the future and I am excited to follow the further development.

Markus K.H. Wiedmann
Senior consultant and Director of Residency program, Norway

The 4D simulation allowed me to experience what it means to visualize the aneurysm properly, prepare a good approach, choose the right clip.

Martin Hlavica
Attending Neurosurgeon, Switzerland

The simulator simulates the clip slippage and also the force, it helps to understand what we are actually doing during surgery and why each step is done so. Every detail and attitude in the simulator will improve the learning curve. So, for me, it’s very helpful to fully understand the surgical technical aspect much better. The simulator gives an opportunity to have much and much deeper insight into the surgery itself and at various stages in the career.

David Zhang
Resident Doctor, Switzerland

This simulator is superior to the others I have tried before. The difficulty level is not the same in every model. So, you can have your training from beginner level to intermediate and expert level. The simulator will definitely be preferred for future surgeries that I will attend and assist. I will be very happy to have some training with the simulator.

Donika Vezirska
Resident Doctor, Bulgaria

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