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Customer Stories

Realistic Patient-Specific Neurosurgical Simulator | SurgeonsLab AG

@Dr. David Bervini, Senior Neurosurgeon at the Inselspital in Bern, explains the journey of @SugreonsLab in developing the realistic patient-specific physical simulator which provides personalized, predictive treatment planning

Advancing Endovascular Skills with Realistic Catheter Simulation for Aneurysm Repair | SurgeonsLab

Dr. Alexandre Simonin | Insights | Dual training|SurgeonsLab Neurosurgical & Endovascular Simulators

Neurosurgeon Aspirations | Resident Doctors Sharpen Skills with SurgeonsLab’s Simulator Training

Katharina Janosovits and Matteo Montalbetti are in their specialty residency, getting trained to become full board-certified neurosurgeons

Enhancing Neurosurgical Skills | Simulation Exercises for 3rd Year Residents | SurgeonsLab AG

Getting exposed to complex neurosurgical procedures early in a career is not feasible. For those who earn less opportunity to access dynamic training tools, SurgeonsLab realistic Neurosurgical simulator is the best choice.

Neurosurgical Simulator Showcase | EANS Pre-Congress Course 2022, Belgrade, Serbia | SurgeonsLab AG

Watch highlights from the EANS Pre-Congress Course 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia, featuring our cutting-edge neurosurgical simulator in action.

Revolutionizing Neurosurgical Training | Introducing a Patient-Like Simulator | SurgeonsLab AG

166 views 1 year ago SWITZERLAND Describes the advancement in neurosurgical education through the introduction of a cutting-edge simulator. This innovative technology eliminates the need for cadavers in training, offering a realistic and ethical alternative

Feeling the Imminent Danger | SurgeonsLab Aneurysm Simulation for Safer Surgery | SurgeonsLab AG

Dr. Andreas Bay Konig, Neurosurgery Resident at Rigshospitalet from Copenhagen, Denmark, mentions that it's okay to do ten ruptures on the simulator and then none on a patient. This gives a proper learning curve.

Microvascular Mastery: End-to-Side Anastomosis Simulator | SurgeonsLab AG

Side to End Micro-anastomosis Technique was performed in a simulated environment using SurgeonsLab's Training simulator model with Blood Flow and ICG Investigation

Learning Like The Pros | Berns Intracranial Aneurysm Simulation Workshop | SurgeonsLab AG

11 Neurosurgical Simulators for unparalleled hands-on experience. 1 Endovascular Simulator to master minimally invasive techniques.