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An unparalleled endovascular training experience (Physical Flow models + Virtual Simulation Exercises Integrated)

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CathTrainTM is a dedicated stand-alone autonomous Endovascular simulator that allows endovascular interventional radiologist to upskill themselves by training in a realistic environment without involving patients and animals under a mixed reality patient-specific scenarios.

Simulator in Action CT-DSA views

Product Details

Patient Twin (Physical and Virtual models)


An atlas of training modules comprises standard and patient-specific training models with a range of difficulty levels, complexities and a database that records complications.


Training models are exchangeable and consistent during repeated training and mimic rupturing, complications, and intra-operative emergency effects during simulation exercise.


Navigate, Deploy, Implement, and verify actual wires, catheters, balloons, coils, stents, flow diverters, and web devices on a patient-specific realistic model.


Options to select implants and treatment tools pre-operatively and fix strategies in a virtual environment based on the training model.


Actual tortuosity, thinner walls as close to patients pathology.


Proven face, content, construct, feasibility, predictive and concurrent validity.


Exact 3 Dimensional aspects of the actual patients with extended access to the arteries away from the lesion.


Uses actual/mimicking contrast image with DSA simultaneous like in real interventional scenario.


1 Flight Case and Easy hand carry model box.


Portable, compact and modular setup environment. 8KG less weight, easily transportable.

Simulator suitable for

Pre-Interventional patient-specific case training

Pre-Interventional patient-specific case training

Hands-on Training / Lectures and Demonstration

Competence Training, Safety Training

Sales / Marketing


Exchangable Physical Models

Easily swap between different anatomical structures with just a click

Type 1

Cerebral + carotid/posterior branches + Thorax + Abdominal + Iliac + Aortic

Type 2

Cerebral + carotid/posterior branches + Aortic

Type 1

Coronary+ Thorax+ Pulmonary+ Abdominal + Aortic

Type 1

Coronary+ Thorax + Abdominal + Iliac + Aortic

Type 2

Coronary+ Thorax

Type 1

Thorax + Abdominal + Iliac + Aortic

Type 2

Thorax + Abdominal

Type 1

Cerebral + carotid/posterior branches + Thorax + Abdominal + Iliac + Aortic

Available Training Modules


  • Stroke Intervention
  • Catheter and Guide Wire Insertion
  • Neurovascular Trombectomy
  • Carotid Artery Stenting (CAS)
  • Carotid Intervention
  • Neurovascular coiling or any other device deployment


  • Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair (EVAR)
  • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) procedure
  • Transcatheter Hepatic Artery Embolization (THAE)
  • Percutaneous Transluminal Recanalization (PTR)
  • Aortic Stents Grafts
  • Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA)
  • Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA) with a balloon or stents

Integrated Software Features

Software Features

SurgeonsLab innovates interventional radiology training with personalized access, DICOM visualization, and dynamic scenario practice. Personalized feedback ensures comprehensive evaluation, making SurgeonsLab a leader in advancing radiology skills.


Our unique login unlock the mastery of diverse interventional radiology procedures through varied models.


Explore diverse challenges in interventional radiology training with our complexity selection page.


Empowering radiologists with personalized choices, our feature enables selection based on specific needs.


Explore a holistic patient information visualization showcasing blood values, cardiac output, anatomical measures, and comprehensive insights.


Experience advanced DICOM visualization with our user-friendly interface, providing anonymized patient data.


Explore the Interventional Radiology Taskbar, featuring controls like Grade of Challenge, Training Time, and various functionalities.


Elevate your interventional radiology training with the Life Function Control, empowering dynamic scenario practice.


Gain valuable insights with personalised feedback from experts after Interventional radiology training.

Hands-on Realistic Simulation Training

State-of-Art Simulators and Model Comparision

Please scroll the table to view >>

Special Features In-Vivo Models In-Vitro Models And Flow models Virtual Reality Simulators SurgeonsLab Mixed Reality Simulators
check Haptics check Limited cancel check
check Tactility check Limited cancel check
check Patient-Specific Case in Short Span cancel cancel Limited check
check Simultaneous use in CT/DSA, MRI as real-life check Limited Limited check
check Presence of Dynamic Fluid Limited Limited check check
check Pulsatility Limited Limited check check
check Real-Life Simulation check check check check
check Micro interventional Workflow Simulation check check Limited check
check True Scale Replica (1:1) Geometrical Representation check check check check
check Use of Real Instruments Limited check Limited check
check Quantify Performance Measurement-Track Learning Curve check check check check

State-of-Art Simulators and Model Comparision

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Lecture and Demonstration Workshop/ Periodical Hands-on Experience Residency Program / Frequent Training Pre-Interventional Training
In-Vivo Models check Limited cancel cancel
In-Vitro Models And Flow models check Limited Limited cancel
Virtual Reality Simulators cancel cancel check cancel
SurgeonsLab Mixed Reality Simulators check check check check
Endovascular Models

Morphology Booklet

This comprehensive booklet details the innovative morphological patient-based model data utilized in our cutting-edge interventional radiology training models and simulators.

Product Platforms

Interventional Radiology-Flow Model:

Discover precision training with our IR-Flow Model. This simulator offers a focused approach to interventional radiology practice. Master techniques and procedures with realism and efficiency, tailored to your learning needs.

product product product product
product product product product product

4D High-Fidelity Interventional Radiology Simulator:

Immerse yourself in the ultimate training experience with our High Fidelity IR Simulator. Featuring a pump unit for lifelike pulsatile blood flow, and incorporating Mixed-Reality technology, this simulator replicates real-world scenarios for enhanced interventional radiology skills.


I have used the Cath Train flow models from SurgeonsLab to train my fellows for using new type of web device, I was impressed with the anatomical fidelity and the patient-specific physiology the model and simulator was offering.

Prof.Dr.Andrew Grande
Associate Professor and Residency Program Director, University of Minnesota, USA

I was involved with the project from the initial development and was amazed to see how the models are made patient-specific in a short turnaround time. We used the model time-time to train ourselves in complex cases and decision-making processes. The simulator models were realistic

Prof. Pasquale Mordasini
Chief Physician, Neuroradiology, Kantonspital St. Gallen, Switzerland

We had a few weeks of training for a novel robotic guided stent-assisted coiling case; I was responsible for training new, experienced peers for the robotic procedure. SurgeonsLab flow model and mixed-reality platform helped deploy the device, team training, and didactic lecturing

Prof. Vitor Mendes Pereira
St. Michael"s Hospital, Toronto, Canada

The models are exciting . It is a good tool for teaching endovascular techniques to the residents. We organized training days with our team, trying different patient-specific models and endovascular devices from simple to complex cases. One of the best models I have worked with is excellent for mentoring workshops.

Dr. Gowtham Kuncha
Consultant and Neuroendovascular Surgeon, Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai, India

The SurgeonsLab simulator was used for the pre-selected fellowship training program for senior residents. The models were coupled with C-ARM fluoro, helped to deploy various kinds of devices, and permitted us to discuss all clinical aspects close to a reality and the hands-on was very try to an interventional setting , and the software was impressive.

Prof. Mark Bain
Cerebrovascular Center, Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, Ohio, USA

Pre-Operative patient specific Simulation Planning

Patient-Specific Models involve didactic processes allowing trainees to engage in decision to treat (or not)
how to treat depending on pathology characteristics (size, location, shape), risk factors, patient age, and the risks posed by different treatment options, among other factors, as close as in real-life.

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