"Revolutionizing Surgical Education: Evolving from Cadaver Workshops to SurgeonsLab Simulators for Enhanced Training Opportunities


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December 21, 2023

How SurgeonsLab simulators are changing cadaver training to simulator-based training across continents- reports from practical workshop trainings in three major continents

Cadaver workshops have been the backbone of surgical education, offering a hands-on, anatomically accurate environment for aspiring surgeons to hone their skills. These workshops utilize human cadavers and ex-vivo models, to provide surgeons with the training required to familiarize themselves with human anatomy in a realistic setting.

Cadaver Workshops in Surgical Training

Over the years, cadaver workshops have evolved significantly. Initially, they were the primary method for surgical training due to the unmatched realism they offer.

SurgeonsLab’s SurgTrain Simulators are becoming the Surgeons’ choice of training for complex procedures instead of old cadaver trainings.

"Limitations of cadaver workshops such as availability, missing pathologies, cost, and ethical considerations have led to the exploration of alternative training methodologies."

Traditional surgical training methods, relying heavily on cadavers and ex-vivo models, struggle to accommodate the growing demand for hands-on experience due to logistical constraints and complexities associated with certain surgeries.

Training Surgeons Across the Globe

(From the left) Highlighted are the images of surgeons and interventionists using the endovascular simulator and neurosurgical simulator in various workshops, training sessions, pre-operative cases around the globe.

"SurgeonsLab simulators have gained recognition across the globe, including esteemed medical institutions such as the Bern Hospital in Switzerland, Apollo Hospitals in India, CNS (Chinese Neurosurgical Society) and the NREF (Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation) and AANS society programs in the USA."

The adoption of SurgeonsLab simulators in these institutions has significantly contributed to enhancing the training experiences of residents worldwide.

Utilization across European countries

Group of Excited Surgeons and residents from SurgeonsLab’s 1st Bern Simulation Workshop for Intracranial Aneurysm Microsurgery

SurgeonsLab simulators at the Bern Hospital in Switzerland have revolutionized the way surgical residents receive training. With the SurgTrain simulator's immersive and realistic environment, residents can practice intricate head and neck microsurgeries repeatedly, gaining confidence and expertise without the constraints of an actual operating room.

Clicks of surgeons using SurgeonsLab’s simulators in different cities of Europe.

The Bern Hospital's endorsement of these simulators signifies their effectiveness in preparing residents for complex surgical procedures, improving patient outcomes, and reducing risks associated with live surgeries.

Utilization across Asian Countries

Group picture from SurgeonsLab & Apollo Masterclass event happened at Madurai, India.

The integration of SurgeonsLab simulators at Apollo Hospital, one of India's premier healthcare institutions, underscores the global impact of these training tools. The simulators facilitate comprehensive training sessions for surgeons across various surgical domains, including neurosurgery and interventional radiology.

Surgeons’ drills on Neurosurgical sessions using the SurgeonsLab cutting-edge simulators across the cities of India

Surgeons benefit from the simulator's patient-specific models and immersive experiences, honing their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Surgeons in China conducting Neurosurgical sessions using SurgeonsLab's Neurosurgical simulator

Training Workshops across the United States of America

Clicks of surgeons from USA training with the high fidelity SurgeonsLab’s simulators.

In the USA, SurgeonsLab's collaboration with the Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF) has propelled the advancement of neurosurgical training. The incorporation of SurgTrain simulators in NREF's educational programs equips surgeons with a unique opportunity to practice intricate procedures repeatedly.

Being the favorite simulation tool of the neurosurgeons from a University Hospital in Texas USA.

Surgeons gain exposure to patient-specific cases through these simulators, improving their decision-making abilities and technical skills. The NREF recognizes the simulators' potential to elevate the standard of neurosurgical training and positively impact patient care outcomes.

Significant evidence of SurgeonsLab’s simulators used as integral tool for advanced education for Neurosurgery globally.

“Across these renowned institutions, SurgeonsLab simulators have become integral tools in the training curricula, enabling surgeons to transcend geographical limitations and access cutting-edge training experiences.”

The simulators' role in refining surgical skills, reducing risks associated with live surgeries, and preparing the next generation of surgeons is evident in the global recognition and adoption they've garnered. This global utilization demonstrates the transformative impact of SurgTrain simulators in shaping the future of surgical education and practice worldwide.

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